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Mission Vision Statement

Vision & Value Statements

Our Values Regarding our Work with Students




All students in our school will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.
Educators have a responsibility to foster positive relationships with all students.

  • Our Values Regarding our Grading and Homework Practices

Students, like adults, are not perfect. They deserve the opportunity of a second chance on failed assignments and tests. 

  • Our Values Regarding our Instruction and Learning Outcomes

As a teacher, it is my responsibility to figure out how to reach each student.

  • Our Values Regarding Student Discipline

We need to get all students across the stage. Therefore, one of our first priorities should be to try to keep students in class whenever possible.

  • Our Values Regarding our Work and our Workplace

As an employee, I am committed to being a team player in this school. I value collaboration, and I know that my contribution to the team is important.

  • Our Values Regarding the Role of our School in the Community and with Families

As an employee of the Johnson 6th Grade Center, I represent something bigger than myself.

  • Our Values Regarding our School Facilities

It is everyone’s job to make sure this building is a clean, safe learning environment for students.